Removal Services

Removal Services

For a consultation and/or a quote, please reach us at 905-719-7076 or fill out our contact form.

DMTS Bins provides 24 hour service for the removal of a large variety of residential and commercial junk along with eco-friendly disposal. Any items that are useful and in good condition will be donated and the rest of the items will be transported to the proper disposal facility. We operate various trailer sizes and flexible billing options so we are sure to have something that will match your needs. Check out the list below for a detailed look at the items we will take away:

Removal & Disposal:
• Concrete and Asphalt
• Construction Waste
• Dirt and Fill
• Garbage
• Hot Tub
• Mattress
• Yard Waste

Recycling and Donations:
• Electronics
• Furniture
• Refrigerators
• Televisions

Free Large Quantity Scrap Removal:
• Air conditioners
• Autos
• Batteries
• Bikes
• Electrical Wire
• Furnaces
• Old Cast Plumbing
• Rims
• Screen Doors
• TV’s
• Water Tanks