About Us

DMTS INC is an owner operated company whose roots were initially founded in the property management and student rental businesses. The skills obtained owning and operating rental properties, the equipment and tools obtained to service those properties, coupled with the fact that these skills were in demand by other businesses and residents, led to the creation of DMTS INC. At DMTS, we pride ourselves on a strong work ethic and the quality of the jobs we do. We hold true to the family values we were taught growing up and still believe that a handshake and your word go a long way. We also take pride in our community and like to do our part to help make it better.

Whether it’s a load of trash or some equipment you need to have hauled away; old shed that needs demolished and removed; a yard that needs cleaning out; or small construction or renovation project; DMTS is the one to call. We can be contacted 24 hours a day for a quote and provide flexible billing options to our valued customers in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Smithville, Ancaster, Niagara, Burlington, Oakville, and Brantford areas.  Please be aware that locations may affect service rates. 

DMTS INC’s Philosophy

At DMTS INC is an eco-friendly company that realizes that even though the service we provide can help our customers out immensely, there’s a bigger picture. We feel that helping our community and protecting the environment is more than a choice, it’s our obligation. That’s why all the items we transport are handled in an eco-friendly fashion; items that can be recycled will be transported to the proper recycling depot, and those that can’t will be handled and disposed of correctly. 

Items that are in good condition are donated to charities so that those less fortunate can benefit from them. We give back more to the community by hiring students for summer and part time jobs to help them earn money for their education and mentor them while gaining real world experience; as well as pass on some of the values that we hold true. Customers can take comfort in knowing that when they hire us, they are also helping to benefit our shared environment and community.